Finding the perfect hoodie to MOVE in within the Ottawa Valley

Happy Friday and a cold one at that!
Comfy wear is a favourite for everyone. Especially in an area where sweater weather can span over 3 seasons well, really even 4 seasons if need be. Finding the perfect hoodie that is great for casual occasions, after a workout and sometimes even superhero events is hard to find! These hoodie choices are based on design, comfort and the movement test. Having the opportunity to try on all of these except for one, was enjoyable.


What are the Components of an Awesome Hoodie?

  • Colour and Design

  • The Cut and Length

  • Hood/Cowl Size and Pocket Size

  • Warmth

  • Comfort and Adaptability (when moving)

Ottawa Valley's TOP 5

There are many places around the Ottawa Valley that offer a variety of stylish clothing. The number of establishments that carry clothing that support both movement and casual events is pretty rare. The components above are pretty critical into finding that optimal hood. Do you have a favourite hoodie that you have located at a space in the Valley? Comment below and give up the details!!!


Louve Design

Soft. Long and Environmentally Strong/Sustainable. Find these either at or pair it up at Jade & Laney Boutique (14 Elgin St. W - Arnprior, ON). You can also hit up Louve Design straight up online as well!


Ottawa Valley Apparel

Lot's of space to move, comfortable and simple and smooth design. Find this at the Pick-It-Fence Pembroke location or on Facebook!


Namast'EH In The Valley

The ultimate yogi hoodie. Even though there is no hood it still provides the perfect cowl/neckline. Plus those rocking baseball tee like sleeves. Created by Traveling Mat Yoga visit here to inquire about them. This is the one I have yet to try but seeing how the length and design not to mention how it screams MOVE MOVE MOVE. It's on the list!


Blondie Apparel

Hello soft and luxurious! These are hand stitched and created with the style maven in mind. Not only are they slightly longer than your average hoodie the pocket provides optimal room and the fabric is carefully selected in Canada. Visit their shop online or their wares at Doree's Habit in Almonte, ON


Good hYOUman

High quality, great cowl and authentic messages. This hoodie gives back to the community and is 100% comfortable. Versatile fabric which is great for stealth movement sessions and strength sessions. Check out The Shoe Lounge in Renfrew, ON and maybe pair it up with some casual kicks (260 Raglan St. S). 

Photo credit/used from:
Louve Design
Ottawa Valley Apparel
Traveling Yoga Mat
Blondie Apparel
Good hYOUman

*There was no product exchanged for the writing of this blog. I'm just a lover of the hoodie*

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