Things You Should Know About Yoga for Stiff Dudes

Head, shoulders, knees and toes!
More than just a song, these are some of the common places men experience aches. Let's not forget back and hips!

The majority of men in Renfrew County work in the trades, and fellas, you know it can get tough on the body.

·         Hunched over working on electrical;

·         Standing on concrete 12-13 hours a day;

·         Sitting in a vehicle for long periods of time;

·         Lifting, pushing and pulling heavy objects.

All of these actions gradually effect how you work and live daily, and the effects actually bleed into your future years, too. That means time away from work to recover from injuries, which can eventually lead to desk duty, or even worse: the shortening of a career that you love. 

It's best to take care of your biggest tool: Your body!

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, or are suffering from a limited range of motion, it’s a good idea to check in with a medical professional. See your family doctor, or a musculoskeletal expert such as a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Registered Massage Therapist, for recommendations on ways to be active that can improve the movements you make at work and at home! 

If you choose to incorporate yoga into your physical regimen, there are many different movement practices you can get into, but let's break down the basics that are common to all movement practices:

You are going to sweat.

Naturally, your body will sweat. You're moving and exerting yourself, it's just the way it is. While you may not be in a hot yoga class, you will be doing something very different from what your body is used to, and your body will probably respond to that change with perspiration.

You are going to bend and flex.

Wear comfortable clothing! And I don’t mean jeans. Please! Do not wear jeans. I promise you will be uncomfortable, and your movement will be greatly restricted. Besides, your skin will chafe, and who likes chafing?

You are going to get thirsty.

It's important to keep hydrated when you exercise. Scratch that, it’s important every day! It will improve your movements, mobility and strength. 

You might need help, and that’s okay! Ask for it!

Speak up in class! Chances are if you have a question, someone else does too. It's important that if you want to know why, what, where and how this movement helps you (or maybe hurts you), to ask about it. 

You are going to take your golf game to another level.

That's right! Your swing requires stability and mobility in the hips and thoracic spine. Wonder how the greats are working it? Just as they practise daily on the course, they need another daily practice to maintain their physique, and prevent injury. If golf isn’t your thing, yoga will help with all other manners of athletic activity as well.

You might gain insight into your own mind.

Maybe you think meditation is weird. Why? Because you spend all day on the go, and the thought of just taking a few moments to check your breathing, or to catalogue your thoughts in a completely silent room, is odd.

The truth of the matter is: You need to exercise your brain, to get the most out of your body. By learning to breathe intentionally, your muscles learn to relax, and your body benefits from increased oxygen delivery. 

You’re going to get nagged less.

Gentlemen, tell me if you’ve been here before: You say you’re stiff, your shoulders hurt or your legs are extremely tired. You’re hoping for sympathy, but your partner just stares at you. It’s probably because they told you countless times before, to do something about it. Now is the time!

Join Yoga for Stiff Guys series starting February 7th at 7pm. You'll see improvements in your overall mobility and strength, in this beginner's class just for guys! No experience required.


Click the photo to learn more about Yoga for Stiff Guys!

Click the photo to learn more about Yoga for Stiff Guys!