A Little Creative Lifting

Photo taken by Courtney Kay

Photo taken by Courtney Kay

By Courtney Kay, Photographer, Petawawa.


Life seems to be a fine balance. We struggle to keep the scales of work and life up and somewhat even. Carrying any load is easier if our arms aren't overstretched, and we're not burdened with more than we can handle. Taking care of our bodies and our minds is so important, and yet often gets low priority on the endless task list.


But by taking care of ourselves, we can ensure that we're strong enough to carry the burden, no matter how it tips. If you're not a fan of avocado smoothies, early morning jogs, or calling up your old pen pal, don't worry! Wellness is present in simple, creative ways as well.


Learn Something New

Try a craft or skill you’ve never tried before. You may have a natural aptitude for painting wildlife, but you won't know until you pick up a paintbrush. Getting out of your day-to-day routine can help you meet new friends, too. It can even open your mind to new possibilities and may give you an outlet you didn’t know you needed. A little woodworking, some cross stitching, or even some origami... it doesn’t take long to find if you enjoy it.


Try Something Old

Crafts and hobbies evolve. Skills you learned back in high school and enjoyed then could be quite different now. Revisit a task you used to enjoy and see what’s changed while you’ve been busy with life. For example, calligraphy has branched out into hand lettering; scrapbooking now happens on the computer. With digital photography, you can now take the time to master manual mode (without having to print all 200 pictures of those blurry flowers). 


Repurpose, Refinish, or Remake

Who doesn’t have a few odds and sods lying around the house? Old clothes with sentimental value make for cherished memory quilts or new clothes. Use a library or the internet to help you refinish an old table, turn mason jars into soap containers, or put a creative spin on whatever you have at hand. The sense of accomplishment you get from creating is uplifting, satisfying, and wonderful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a complicated masterpiece or a fresh colour on your bedroom wall. 


Expressing yourself releases emotions and energy you may be holding within. Sit down with family, friends or have some quality alone time. Be creative. Play. It will make holding the scales in balance a little bit easier.


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